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Schedule a Seminar with B. J. Worth

B. J. Worth will present a seminar in your area, or to your group. Accounting organizations, denominational conventions, ministerial groups, bookstores, churches, etc. can arrange for a seminar for their group.

We recommend that a registration fee be charged to cover the honorarium and travel expenses of the speaker and a copy of “Worth’s Income Tax Guide for Ministers.” Or your group can choose to pay the honorarium and travel expenses of the speaker and provide a free seminar for those attending.

The honorarium for the speaker will be:

  • Three (3) hour seminar $600
  • Six (6) hour seminar $850
  • Eight (8) hour seminar $950

For travel time, you will be charged an additional $30 per hour.

You will also be responsible for the actual cost of travel, meals and lodging. If travel is by auto, you will be charged the IRS mileage allowance. (2019 = 58ยข per mile)

To provide “Worth’s Income Tax Guide for Ministers” to the attendees, you can choose one of the following:

Your organization may purchase them, receive a 40% resale discount and distribute them to those attending. We recommend that you include the cost of the book in the registration fee.

Or you can choose to allow us to sell them at retail to those attending. We will have additional books and supplies available to sell.

Please contact B. J. Worth for scheduling a seminar in your area.